Salsa Love

Remember when I said that you will be seeing more of this salsa recipe on this blog? Well, today's that day. This is one of the rare times that I will be writing a recipe. I'm only doing this because I LOVE this recipe so much, and of course the one making it as well. ;) So as early as now, I am stating a disclaimer: I am by no means an expert on this. I just learned how to make it by constantly sitting beside my guy while he does it. So, yeah, thanks B. :)

What you'll need:
Crushed Black Pepper
1/2 kilo Ground Beef
Nacho Cheese (optional)

The proportion of each depends on your taste and on how many people you are serving. 

What you'll do:
Put water, ground beef, sliced onion, black pepper, and a pinch of salt into a pot and bring to a boil until there's only a little water left. Drain excess water if any. Sautee the boiled ground beef in garlic.

For the salsa:
Mince all the other ingredients (tomatoes, onions, parsley, basil, chili). Then mix them all together in a mixing bowl. Add vinegar and add a little bit of sugar to balance the taste. There, you're done. Now you can dip your favorite nachos or tacos into it.

B and I have been living on this for the past two weekends that we were working late nights preparing for our mock trial. Why? Because it's easy. Our friends loved it as well and have been asking for the recipe. Oh and even my parents got addicted that one time I brought home some for them.

I suggest you put it in the fridge for an hour before serving it. Trust me, it tastes better when chilled. ;)

Easy peasy right? Let me know if you'll try it. :)


  1. I love homemade salsa, this recipe looks delicious!!

  2. Homemade salsa is my FAVORITE! Found you through the GFC Hop. I'm your newest follower! Hope you'll stop by and follow back! :)

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