It's Over

My guardian angel, in my pocket today.
It's finally over, our midterm examinations that is. And I couldn't be more relieved. I can finally get back to my normal life now and that includes blogging. And so while B is out having drinks with the boys tonight, I figured I owe you guys an update. Being away for a while made me realize how much I miss my blog and blogging. I fought the urge to open my laptop and blog over the past couple of days because I really have no choice. LOL. While away from here, this is what I have been up to.

How can you resist this?? Tell me, how?

And then again there's nachos! :)
So, there. All these time I've been away, I have been trying to be a diligent student. Haha. Oh, probably you'll notice (or not) that this isn't the first time that these nachos and salsa are appearing on this blog. And probably this will not be the last as well. Who knows maybe next time I'll do a post on this recipe. ;)

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