Khafra Cafe: A New Perfect Spot

Ever since the birth of coffee shops here in the Philippines you would rarely find one that is not too crowded. It has become the "go- to" place of different kinds of people for different kinds of reason. I go to coffee shops for only two reasons: to meet chat with friends or to study. The meeting and chatting is easy, I can take any coffee shop for that. But when I'm a girl with a mission (to study), finding the perfect spot doesn't come easy.

So when I saw this new coffee place, I told myself I had to try it.

Photo from Khafra Cafe's Facebook Page

Khafra Cafe is located along Molino Road, Bacoor, Cavite right in front of SM Molino. It is a fairly new cafe having been opened just last year. I needed a place to do some advance reading the other day and I remembered passing by this cafe somewhere. So I searched the net for its name and after reading some reviews online, I decided to go.

The Ambiance
Unlike the more popular coffee shops out there, Khafra is conducive to those people who wants to relax and like me, take their time drinking their coffee. You guys take time drinking your coffee too, do you? The place is not crowded. I went there around 5 in the afternoon and I still found a good spot. The whole time I stayed there, which is about 4 hours, the only people I saw were a group of three having a meeting, a guy on the far left, a mom and her daughter, and another guy (I am assuming he's a lawyer) waiting for his clients. Don't judge, when I'm alone, people watching is one of my favorite thing to do and I assume what people do by looking at how they dress and present themselves. LOL. A couple of people also dropped by and had their coffees to go.


The Menu
While browsing their menu, I was happy to see that, unlike most coffee shops which usually offer sandwiches, cakes and coffees, they have a variety of food you can choose from. They even serve breakfast all day and I think pizza is the newest addition to their menu. I was craving for pasta that day so I ordered their Pasta Puttanesca. And I think I made the right choice. It was what my taste buds were craving for, just the right amount of tangy and salty for me. Although I thought it was a bit pricey at Php 160 ($3-4), I still say this one is a must try.

And for my coffee, I had their Caramel Macchiato. I know coffee and pasta may not be a good combination to you at all, but... I was craving for pasta and I want need my coffee fix. LOL. The coffee was strong, I think, which should be good because that's what I needed to keep me awake. But at some point I was looking for that caramel taste in my coffee. Next time I'll try a different drink and tell you my thoughts on it. Oh, and that large cup over there costs only Php 120 ($3). Yes, a lot cheaper than your usual coffee shop people.

The Crew
The 2 baristas who were there during my stay were polite and friendly. Although there were only two people working that time, I think that was enough to cover the whole place. For me, it also helps because it does not make the place look crowded.

The(My) Verdict
Overall, it was a good first experience for me at Khafra Cafe. I love that it is just less than 30 minutes away from home (about time that a coffee shop around here be built), accessible whether by car or even public transport. The location is strategic I must say, being located in a national road, it is also easy to find and the place is clean inside and not crowded (that's a big plus). For coffee lovers who wants to try something new, I suggest you try this new coffee joint. I'll definitely be back and try out their other menu. :)

You can visit their Facebook page here.

PS: This post here is entirely my own opinion. I was not, in any way, paid in writing this review.

Have you discovered anything new lately?:)


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  2. Seems like an awesome and peaceful place . I am a big fan of pasta , and this one looks so yummy.
    Thanks girl for coming & linking up :)
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  3. I found your blog on the Grab a Friend blog hop and just started following. Congrats on finding a good coffee shop to study in. It's not an easy thing to pull off. You need just the right amount of ambient noise or the atmosphere is just disruptive :(

    Ashley @

  4. I love getting out of the home setting and into a coffee shop for reading or blog work. It just changes everything. This place sounds like a great spot! I hardly like coffee but you drink looks like something I might try! I've got a feeling you might be a regular here!