In a Different Light

Time really goes by fast these days. Another week has again ended. I have been pre- occupied by school and boyfriend stuff the past week. And this Sunday seems so unlike my other Sundays. Well, I am still blogging from my bed right now. But I must say, this is promising to be a productive day for me. Yay for that! ;)

For one, I have finished my laundry for the week. Then cleaned my room and changed the sheets. And now I'm blogging. Later on, I've been planning to get a head start on some cases for Tuesday's Wills & Succession class. That's after some zzz's I've also been planning to get. ;)

Here are some snaps from my Instagram of what's been going on with me last week. Hey are you also on Instagram? Let's follow each other ;)

First Picture: As you may have known based from my previous post, I am currently addicted to the Fifty Shades Trilogy. I am currently on the second book now. The picture has a line which says, "I don't know which way your mood is going to go... It's confusing" It caught my attention and I found it funny because the line seems to be describing someone I know. ;p

Second Picture: Pizza with some friends from school after a meeting regarding the upcoming Bar Examinations this October.

Third Picture: Those are chocolates. Curly Tops to be specific. Those who lived in the same childhood as mine would surely know what it is. Only this time it does not come with a yellow wrapper anymore. B and I were munching on those (and a lot more of junk) when we had movie night-- our way, last Thursday. Oh it was so fun. ;)

Fourth Picture: I like writing little "thank you or I miss you" notes to B. And I was touched when I saw where he keeps my letters-- I found it tucked above his bed. He said he wanted it there so it won't get out of his sight and so he could always see them first thing in the morning. I remember he once told me that he isn't the sweetest person out there. But he surely can be sweet in his own ways. ;)

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