Be Brave Love Deeply Shine Brighter

Well hello all, I'm happy to be back. This will be my first entry after we hurdled one of the toughest licensure exams in the country.

As soon as September hit the calendars I started scouting a planner for myself for 2016. Why? Because it's never too early to prepare for the new year ahead of us! It was a tough choice between one datebook and the Belle de Jour Power Planner. For one, both planners are really cute. Both also reflect my style and each has a unique feature of its own. Having considered all circumstances, I decided to go with the latter, because it's more affordable. Who knows, maybe I'll go for the other one in 2017, when I already have a stable job, and income for that matter. But for now, I went with the smarter choice.
I chose the power planner in leather. The cover is so sleek, by the way. Plus, I love the motto on the cover too. It's pretty on point, agree? It retails for Php 680, but since I ordered it days after it was released, I got it on sale for Php 600. I was surprised by how fast my parcel arrived because it was already on our doorsteps in less than 24 hours.
My favorite features of the planner were the pages for your 2016 goals and the whole spread of the Dream board. With it, I can easily visualize my goals for next year and what I want to achieve in life. It also gives me something concrete to look back to during the times I will feel lost. As of now, I have already started jotting down on these pages and hopefully will be able to fill them up before 2015 ends.
Of course it came with the BDJ 2016 Lifestyle Card which entitles the holder to discounts from partner establishments. That, is besides a number of coupons included in the booklet too. With it, the possibilities are endless!

I know I made the smarter choice because I was even able to get one for my sister too, as a gift this Christmas. Am I a good sister or what? I know. *pats myself on the back*

If you want one for yourself too or maybe as a gift to your friends this Christmas you can visit their website, and choose from their planners the one which best suits you. I think they still sell at a discounted price. Now this is a way to jump start the new year!

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