Mascara off and into Fifty Shades of Grey

Hello blogging world. Another lazy Sunday is about to end and as I think about how my week went all I can think about is my bed. Yes you read it right, the bed. And that's because I have been having quite a love affair with my bed for the past days. I am having separation problems with it right now. You could just imagine the effort I put to get up from it. ;) In fact, I am in bed again right now as I write this blog entry.

Anyway, I went to see an ophthalmologist this week because of an eye irritation. And guess what he ordered me to do? No eye make up for a week or so until the infection goes away. I don't really put much eye makeup on a daily basis, except for mascara which is a staple for my everyday look. But I will be good and follow the doctor's order. So I guess I'll be mascara- free in the next days. I'm still getting used to it though.

Doctor's order.


On other news, one reason why I am stuck in my bed is because I am currently engrossed in reading Fifty Shades of Grey. It is just so hard to put it down. I wouldn't if I didn't have to go back to reality and read law books. ;) I am about to finish the first book and excited to start Fifty Shades Darker.

Have anyone read the book as well? What are your thoughts on it?

What is it with me and Sunday?? I am really having a hard time getting out of bed on Sundays. I had 11 hours of sleep last night and another 2 hours this afternoon and yet I can't keep my eyes open.


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  2. I personally enjoyed Fifty Shades. Sure, the love making scenes did get repetitive, but it was a fun read. I especially enjoyed it because of Christian Grey, of course. He's just so... ♥

  3. Christian Grey really got a lot of girls swooning. ;) and yes, their love making scenes did got a bit tiring to read at some point. But still enjoyed the trilogy too :) What other good reads can you recommend?:)

  4. If you're into books like Fifty Shades, I suggest you try picking up novels by Judith Mcnaught. You'll fall in love with her handsome and brooding male characters too. :) If you enjoy young adult, you could try John Green. I personally love Paper Towns and of course, his famous Looking for Alaska.

  5. Wow thanks! :) I think i'll try John Green.