The I'm-Stuck-Inside-the-House-and-I-Don't-Mind-It Weekend

The heavens must have gone mad last week. It has been raining non- stop on this side of the world since I can remember, well Friday maybe? And it just doesn't stop. I even asked the rain at one point if it doesn't get tired. There's the lunatic in me again, talking to the rain. Haha ;) Good thing Mr. Sun's slowly peeking up this morning.

What better way to spend a cold, rainy weekend? Stay in bed and cuddle with your love. ;) Yes I'd prefer that than to brave the rains outside. I don't really like rainy days because I just don't like my feet getting wet, ugh.  Let's just say I'm more of a sun person. So yes, I'd rather stay indoors in this kind of weather.

And that's exactly what I did. After some early morning run through of the cases for Saturday's class I went back to bed with B. How can you resist him when he's holding out both of his arms and asking you to come back beside him? Really how? So Friday was practically just a stay-in-bed day. We woke up at 4pm and shared a bowl of porridge for our late (really late) brunch. And because I was too lazy to move yet again he brought the food to me, breakfast in bed as he would put it. It just dawned upon me that I'm a bit spoiled am I?;) After attending to some of the things we have to do we realized that it's still raining hard so we're back to dreamland once again. Only to wake up realizing that we're both hungry because we haven't ate anything decent for the whole day. We have NO choice but to get up and eat out. I'm not surprised we both have double orders for dinner. Hahaha ;)

Saturday was not a different story, well maybe a bit different. I woke up chilling because I had a fever and I had to take those tablets (I hate taking meds). So I had no choice but to skip my morning classes. I planned to go to my afternoon class, but it was suspended, due to the rains. So back to bed I am, and I just stayed there the whole day.

By Sunday I feel well. So even though the rain is still bugging us, I had to get up and do my laundry. Also, my back is aching, obviously from lying around for the past days. But by afternoon, I found myself  lying around back again and starting Fifty Shades Freed. When I got tired reading I browsed the movies B saved in my lappy and decided to watch Like Crazy. But I'm still not sleepy after that so again I played another one, From Prada to Nada. It was a nice end to a rainy Sunday night.

But before the rainy weekend, my week was pretty fine. And here's evidence (courtesy of my Instagram) to show it. Well I'm a law student so evidence is important for me. Hahaha ;)

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I wore the shoes to school last Tuesday when the weather was still fine. Wouldn't dare wearing and ruining it in the kind of weather we are having right now.

On Wednesday I decided to wear my Revlon Lipstick in Mulled Wine, well just cause! Haha ;)

And then again there's pizza. Yes, B and I downed another box of pizza once more. One box for 2 people. I guess by now, you know how we both love pizza. ;)

I mentioned I was sick last Saturday, so it results in this.  Yes, I am done with Fifty Shades Darker and is now on the third installment of the trilogy.

Sunday I had to ditch my law books once more because I couldn't bring myself to put down that second book in the picture. And now I have to pay for it because I have some catching up to do for class.

So I guess I better stop blabbing and start working. Haha. Sorry for talking too much today. ;)

PS: I'm happy to be blogging today because I feel I have neglected my blog for so long. I really really wanted to write something but I just couldn't find an inspiration to do so. It's just one of those days I guess.

PPS: I'm glad that the sun is coming out today. C'mon Mr. Sun, don't be shy, you can come out now. I've missed you. ;)


  1. Glad you feel better and you're back to blogging! Let it shine! :)

  2. Thank you, I'm happy about that too. :) I hope you had a wonderful trip to Korea :)