The Happiest Wedding I've Ever Been

Weddings have got to be one of the happiest occasions one could ever go to. I always, always get teary- eyed every time I attend weddings. Especially during that moment when the bride walks down the aisle and when the couple recite their vows to each other. I'm a hopeless romantic, I know!

The recent wedding I've been too is a special one because it was my closest aunt who's walking down the aisle this time. I've looked up to her since I was a kid and she's like an older sister to me. And when I became aware of the concept of love and heartbreak I have been secretly wishing that one day she will find the man meant for her and I would be able to wear a gown and march on her wedding. Thank you Ninang for making that little dream of mine come true. LOL. But seriously, Best Wishes to you and Kuya Chris. I wish you a happy married life ahead. :)


This wedding gathered everyone together and had turned into a reunion. It was one of the rare times that all of my mom's siblings are here. You see my family is all over the world, in Anaheim, Toronto, Winnipeg, Vienna, I guess we're scattered all over the continents. And they all came home for their youngest sister's special day. So no wonder, this wedding turned out to be the happiest and craziest one I've ever been too. Just look at the entrance video at the reception. ;)

Me and my mom and my cool aunts.


Ain't that little guy such a cutie? It was such a fun time to be with family and I LOVE how crazy my family are. Everyone sure had a nice time that night. :)
Yes, my feet got too tired and I went barefoot the rest of the party. LOL

Don't you just love weddings?

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