Summer Love

Summer has always been my favorite time of the year. Now I'm re- thinking about that. NOT. I still love it despite people complaining about how hot it is. I just hate that B is 175.45kms away from me. Well, I have to give it to him, our summer break is the only time he gets to be with his family. While I... I have to stay here and take summer classes. It's his birthday last week and I thought why not take that 6- hour bus ride to San Carlos and be with him, right?:) Yes, of course I did that.

It was my first time ever to travel that far, alone. Two hours into my trip and I still cannot believe I'm doing this, traveling alone. It was nice though, because it gave me some quiet time. I even found myself smiling along the road. I guess I was excited and giddy and all at the thought of seeing him after 3 weeks of not being able to be together. Then after 6 freaking looong hours, there he was waiting for me at the bus station. I couldn't be any happier when I saw him. :) He let me rest for an hour or so, then off we drove with no particular destination in mind.


Lingayen Beach

So this is where we ended. Right in my happy place. This is one of the most spontaneous beach trip I've ever had. Ever. But who cares? I'm with B and that's all that matters. :) After that (or so I thought) we went to visit Pangasinan's Provincial Capitol building in Lingayen and walked in the park nearby.

There's actually a pre- nup shoot going on. 

That was B climbing up and down the monument. He said, "Maybe there's a hidden treasure here somewhere, let's find it." Too much White Collar, I said. Haha. Looks like somebody had fun in the park. :) Then when I thought we're done with the beach, he decided to drive back for this.

The only thing lovelier than this sunset is the feeling I have at that moment because I was watching it with B. I LOVE sunsets, especially those on beaches. They have this romantic vibe in them and I'm always left in awe. I was so happy that I get to watch this one with that special person. B told me to take a lot of pictures that day so I can post about the places I've been too, and I am just so glad to oblige. After this, we drove again to nowhere looking for a place to have dinner. We finally ended in a street in Dagupan where everyone served Pangasinan's local dish called Pigar- Pigar. The whole street had chairs and tables placed in it, it was an amazing sight.

It was summer, but on our way home it suddenly rained. I guess the rain just made my trip extra special. I had a lot of firsts during this trip and was so happy to have experienced it with B. And I'm looking forward to the next adventures and memories we will make. :)