Ilocos Escapades: Malacañang Ti Amianan

I've been meaning to finish this Ilocos travel series sooner, but the past days got me feeling like, meh. Some days, I try to do as much as I can. But most days, I just don't feel like moving. The fact that I got to log in on my blog today means it's one of those "some days" and not one of the "most days".

Now on to today's post. Few minutes from the St. Agustine Church is the Malacañang of the North or locally known as Malacañang Ti Amianan (Amianan is the Ilocano word for North). This property is originally owned by the Marcoses, then was sequestered by the government when Pres. Marcos was ousted, but was subsequently turned over to and is now under the jurisdiction of the local government of Ilocos Norte. It was restored and renovated and is now a common stop for tourists visiting the province. An entrance fee is collected for the maintenance of the place, but don't worry because it will only cost you Php30.

Upon entering the mansion, there are volunteers who would offer you a free tour of the place. Yes, it is totally free, but we decided to hand over a small amount to our tour guide for giving us an interesting tour.
Say hello to my little cousin who comfortably run around the place barefoot like she owns the whole house. LOL
The stairs leading to the second floor was nothing short of amazing. It was made of narra and I love it and wanted to take it home, seriously. From the back side of the mansion, there is a view of the Paoay Lake. The large open space on the second floor used to be a ballroom or dance floor. The former first lady was fond of throwing parties and inviting guests, hence the dance floor. Let's just say she loved the attention. Today, according to our tour guide, the ground floor overlooking the lake may be rented out for wedding receptions or events. This house, rather mansion, is everything you'll ever dream of in a summer house from the surroundings, architecture, and all the furnitures inside. It is surrounded by greens, then there's the lake, and personally, I love its capiz windows and ceilings. I would love to live in here, or maybe own a place like this, if only I could.

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