To Someone (SO) Unexpected...

You came at the most unexpected time, I'm glad you did.
To the most unpredictable person I know, thank you for making my days spontaneous and never boring.
Thank you for always being there for me during the times when I have to get drunk because I failed a subject. And for those times too, that you treated me custard cake because I passed a pain- in- the- ass subject. And for wanting to be with me during the times you think you sucked at an exam (of course you didn't).Those are just a few of the moments I am so thankful we bumped into each other that December night some 2 years ago. Thank you for just being you. And for all the random, crazy moments that we shared. Thank you for being here. I will forever be thankful on this day you were born. Happy Birthday B! I guess I'll see you tomorrow? ;)

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