In his clothes

Remember when I said that the next thing I might be snatching from B's closet is his pants? I know I just had that idea about a week ago. Well, I am really planning to do that. But I never thought that I'd have to do that sooner than I think. LOL. My wardrobe for school this week had gone from boyfriend- inspired to dainty dresses and tutu skirts and finally on a dress down Saturday, actual boyfriend's clothes.

Plaid top- People are People
Pants- Jag
Shoes- SM Parisian
Belt- Coach

Wore pegged boyfriend jeans and a plaid top last Monday. This outfit was inspired by the last picture on my previous post. It was too hot here to wear a jacket though. Yes, it's still hot and humid despite the fact that it's almost the end of September and we should already be feeling the cold Christmas breeze, or at least that's what I think. ;)

Anyhow, the next days after Monday I chose to wear dresses because it's the easiest piece of clothing to wear. Well, for some reasons, I was almost always in a rush this week. I had to go with dresses so I won't be taking too much time matching up outfits. Saturdays are a different story since it's dress down days at school. But despite whatever day it is I have this constant issue every time I am dressing up. There's always this I- have- nothing- to- wear issue. Am I the only one having this problem? Only this time it is a real issue for me since I just had my clothes washed  so I really had nothing to wear anymore because all my other clothes were at home. And guess who saved my day?

Ta- daaa! B's DIY.
Thankfully B was resourceful enough. ;) He got one of his old jeans and transformed it into my favorite piece of clothing. LOL. Yes, he actually did the sewing. Finally, I snatched  borrowed his Captain America shirt (which is one of my favorite shirt of his btw) from his closet and I'm good to go.
Everything from his closet.

Talk about running late, I didn't even had the time to fix my hair. Hence my version of a messy bun, a very messy one that is. And this is what dress- down Saturday means. What do you think?  I am really loving wearing men's clothes. I feel very comfortable in it. Maybe I'll steal some more of his clothes. LOL ;)


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