Shopaholic Problems

Who doesn't love shopping? Not me. And I'm lucky enough to have a guy who is so supportive of it. I mean imagine us pulling each other across the street because he saw a garage sale he knows I would love and me pulling him back because I think he's been spoiling me too much on shopping lately and he hasn't even bought anything for himself over the past month. LOL. Story of my life. But then again he wins, and I we got another good deal.

And just this weekend, I got another excuse to go shopping because lately, our school has this dress code going on. I guess it's my lucky day because the mall is on clearance sale.

*Pardon the hair, the tummy and the flip flops :)*

The sales lady was kind enough to assist me because believe it or not, these dresses above, are only half of what I've tried on. I've got dress issues, you guys. LOL. It's either too loose, or too tight, or too revealing or too short for school. But I have to get one or two anyway. :) #win

Of course I thought about B. So the next day we were back at the mall, again.

#win. Again. We just got really lucky, or not, because the sale was extended for another week. I really should be avoiding the mall these days or my bank account will be dead in a few months.

How do you control your shopping tendencies?

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