Friday Kind of Love

It's Friday I'm in love... I have been singing to that Cure song all day long. But I don't really mind, because that's exactly how I feel right now. ;) It has been a week of stressful final exams, pretty good food and a whole lot of love. Despite cramming and having to beat deadlines, I love how things are turning out this week. And the fact that it's almost Christmas. Oh yes, I can already feel the Christmas breeze. Can you? :)

So this week I... made pancakes for breakfast/ brunch/ late lunch/ snack yesterday.

... ate nachos. 'Cause B made my favorite salsa recipe of his. ;)  

... ate B's version yang chow fried rice. 'Cause we're too lazy to go out or cook something decent for dinner  

... had a late night get together with friends 'cause we're too lazy to study just yet.

... stayed under the comforters most of the time. 'Cause the weather just gets colder day by day and I am loving it. Especially at night where you could just spend the entire night cuddling. Comforters are indeed very comforting these days.

     I would not get out of it if I don't have to. The only thing that makes me guilty about sleeping in, is this

Oh and the fact that I still have two final exams to face next week.

But that's okay because I think I'll be bringing my good mood the following week. There's just too many reasons to not be okay. Right? ;) 

I hope to be singing this kind of song again next week. Hope you will too. :)  


  1. Welsome to the welcome Wednesday hop! Good luck on the final. I think I must be a true nerd because I actually enjoy writing research papers.