Lunatic Friday

Hi all. No, I have not gone crazy yet, just lazy maybe. Yes, I'm still sane. At least for now. ;p

Pardon my lack of post lately as I've been really lazy. Like really really lazy to move or do anything for that matter. Also, I have been feeling sick. Maybe it's the weather. Or maybe it's my hormones acting up on me once more. Or maybe it's both. Yes, I think it's both. I maybe a little bit weird today so please bear with me, okay?:)

Dear hormones please don't be too dramatic. I've been crabby and masungit to people all week long, especially to B. I'm feeling sorry for him 'cos most of your tantrums and drama are being thrown at him.

And dear weather, please be better next week. Don't greet me in the morning with all the gloominess. If there's one thing I love about you is the fact that you're giving my sweat glands a break. Thank you for that. But please lessen the gloominess. And then maybe I can lessen up the crankiness. Okay? Okay. ;)

Well I really need to get back to my readings now. I'll see you all soon. And I promise for a less cranky post the next time. Thank you for bearing with me. :)

Maybe these words could get me going somehow.

RELAX. B's fave word. I gotta learn from him. Haha :)




This is cute! Ain't it? (via)

It's friday once more. Happy weekend everyone! ;)

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