Saturdate Movie Night: The Amazing Spiderman

Could someone tell me where June went?? I woke up realizing  it's July already, my birthday month. I guess June had been good and I was having too much fun that I didn't notice it flew by so fast.

Okay so the weekend. After that hormonal week (you can read about it here) my weekend was okay... it was fine. B and I spent the weekend with a couple of friends and oh well The Amazing Spiderman. We capped off June by spending our Saturday night at the movies. I had to ask B to skip class that night (bad me, I know) haha. ;)

It was a lazy day at school last Saturday, after a lot of cramming to finish an assignment due 12 midnight that very same day, and a lot of dizziness and headache for me we barely made it to the movies. But we still did, just in the nick of time. ;)

Now to the movie. It was funny. I don't know if it's just me, but really, that's what I thought about the movie. It had a lot of funny scenes in it. Well it's just not as amazing as I thought it would be. I still thought the Avengers was better. Also, the 3D glasses made me more dizzy at one point. Maybe due to my lack of sleep the previous night. Despite that, kids would still enjoy it I think.

*Oh and I would like to commend myself for having a Saturday night out without alcohol. Yay me! ;)*
It also rained a lot last weekend. So we just stayed in bed most of the time. We wouldn't get up if only my tummy wasn't complaining and he didn't have to play basketball last night.

Since I was not able to take pictures last Saturday night, well because we were in a rush, I would just share with you what I wore the whole week to school. ;)

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Happy Monday lovelies! ;)


  1. Thank you :) I'm a fan of your outfit posts, always looking forward to them.