Dreamy Poppy Shopping for School :)

School officially starts today. And I am just so excited to start this school year. Over the weekend, I raided the mall and hauled everything I think I would need to start the year right. ;)

Of course, I myself have to be prepared as well. I got Wet n' Wild's Dreamy Poppy and I love it's color on my nails. A pretty pastel color that says "Let's bring some sunshine into law school! ;)" Even B liked the shade. He said I look like a doll (well I don't know if  it's a compliment).

I finally got time to paint my nails, yay! :)

Note to self: Let's rock law school!


  1. wow! you still really shop for school supplies like a high school student huh.. hahaha.. kidding.. good luck and kick some ass!

  2. Thank you! ;) and yes, I always look forward to the National Bookstore trip. Hahaha i still enjoy the scent of new items bought from National like I used to when I was a kid. :)