Back to Reality

After a week of endless cleaning and a last minute let's- get- a- little- wasted- before- school- starts party (yes I did get drunk a day before we officially started school), this week it's time to face reality for me. Hello again law books and terror professors!
Well, B and I still manage to squeeze in a little last minute shopping trip last Wednesday night when he picked me up from school. Haha ;)

Dear law school, I am so ready for you. That past summer has got me energized. Game on! ;)

Bacon Mushroom Melt. What kept us company in yesterday's study session. Yum! :)
My pink nails and his basketball shorts for the win! Haha. I wasn't so comfy wearing my skirt so I decided to raid B's closet.

We had 2 hours of uninterrupted study time last night. That alone is a feat for us since we really can't stop ourselves from talking when we're together. But we all got to have a little discipline sometimes right?;)  Thank you B, for being my favorite study buddy.


  1. I still remember my law school days. They'll be over before you know it :)

  2. I hope that would be soon! :)