Goodbye Summer 2013

Summer is officially over and school starts today. This summer has been one of the best and most well- traveled summer I've ever had. I have been to a lot of places, some of them has a special place in my heart and what's more important is that I was able to spend it with people who matters the most to me. So I am leaving you with my favorite photos from last summer as I bid farewell to my favorite season.
Outdoor dining at its best.

Clear blue skies, the sun, sand and warm waters, random road trips, breath- taking sunsets, and the colorful surroundings at night are just some of the few things I will surely miss about summer. 

Goodbye favorite season, thank you for all the wonderful memories. See you again next year, my dear summer! :)

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  1. Summer is the best season there is always so much more you can do when the sun is shining :)