Birthday Blues

Two days ago, I celebrated my birthday. And you know what they say, "Growing old is optional, but growing up is mandatory." As I turned a year older (and wiser), I'd like to share with you my thoughts on that day.
First. Birthday parties/ celebrations when you're around my age are overrated (or maybe just for busy people like ourselves). Does anyone here feel like getting drunk til you drop is so a decade ago? I mean I can barely stay up until 12 in the midnight. 

Second. Priorities change. When you grow older, you'll come to realize that everyday is not only about the present but more importantly about the future. You will even spend more time and make decisions based on your plan for the days ahead. It's not just about yourself and today anymore.

Third. Reality doesn't always meet your expectations. When life decides to surprise you, sometimes what you get is better than what you imagined. Other times, life knows what's better for you; and

Lastly. Your birthday is that one time of the year when you get to talk to people you rarely talk to, some even never. You can thank Facebook for reminding them. As you grow old, your circle becomes smaller, and will realize who are those worth keeping. You won't mind having a few people in your life as long as you know they are there to stay.

28 was awesome. But 29 will be awesomer.

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  1. Happy Birthday! I hope you had a great time celebrating in your own special way :) Growing up is definitely optional!