Which Shoes?

School is just a couple of days away. Goodbye freedom! And what better way to start the school year right? Shoe shopping with Mommy. Yay! ;) I almost gave up on finding the perfect pair, they all look the same to me. Good thing I didn't. I searched the stores throughout the mall and the one that caught my eye was in the last store I went to. Well as they say, patience is a virtue! ;) I tried on a few pairs before finding the perfect one.

Which pair do you think I got? :)
On other news, I was in a rush dressing up yesterday that I just pulled anything that I found on top of my dresser. I was sans accessories that I turned this headband into a bracelet. Glad it matched with my purse. ;)

This was actually a headband which I used as a bracelet to go with my purse. ;)

How was weekend everyone? ;)

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