Blogging Mistakes 101

I admit I am no expert in blogging. My Blogger profile says I have been on blogger ever since 2004 but I couldn't even remember what my blog's name was then. I even remember having a blog wayback in high school because it was the "cool thing" back then. When I was in college, Multiply was a hit. We were all a bit emotional when it was gone because we all had our moments there too. Then one summer, I decided I wanted to go back to writing, so I made a Wordpress account. But I switched back to Blogger because I'm more comfortable with this platform. 

All throughout the time I have tried my hands on blogging, I made mistakes along the way, but have also learned a few pointers or so. Today, I decided to share with you guys my booboos in blogging. These are personal experiences which I think would be helpful to anyone.

First, blogging entails time and effort. It's not as easy as just signing up for an account. When you want to have a good blog, you must set aside some time to learn about the ins and outs of blogging. From my point of view, blogging is like a relationship which needs to be taken care of for it to nourish. (Yes, I just compared blogging to a relationship. Haha)

Second, choose a layout or template that's clean and simple. Because, simple. No kidding. I have had different templates, but I decided to stick with a simple one that's easy to navigate. In that way, you'll be helping your readers, too.

Third, use clear and bright pictures. This, I am guilty of. I do not bring my camera with me all the time, so most of the time I take pictures using my phone. It's not necessary though that you use a DSLr because phones today have really good cameras as well, but just make sure that when you upload the pictures it would be pleasing to the eyes.

I got these from my previous posts as sample. See full pictures here and here. Would you rather prefer the picture on the left taken using a phone or the one on the right taken by a camera? I'd say the former. Now, see what I mean? Clear and bright, and not cropped. Okay? :)

Fourth, save and upload your pictures. SAVE AND UPLOAD. Save and upload people. This too, is one of the few mistakes that is really getting into my nerves. I have a lot of broken photos in my blog right now, because in the past, my lazy self just used to link the pictures on my Instagram or wherever. I have also imported some of my posts from Wordpress. So remember, save and upload. Or else, your blog will look like this.

I swear it makes me cringe every time I see how it looks like. I can try to salvage some of the pictures, perhaps when I have all the time in the world. But for those that I cannot, they'll just stay there as a reminder for both you and me.

Fifth, organize your labels. When I started blogging again, Wordpress suggests labels on every new post you make and I just click on each and every one of them. And now, my blog is a mess of labels. But now I know better. So I suggest you organize your labels and I assure you, life would be easy.

I know I still have a long way to go with blogging and as of this moment I admit, it is not top priority because, review. LOL. So this blog and me are still an on- going process. If there's one last important lesson I'd tell you is that, don't be afraid to try and commit mistakes. It's in those mistakes that we learn and become better.

So there, I hope you guys learn from my mistakes. :)

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