Home Will Always Be Home

Last week, I was not my usual self. I was grumpy, irritated, I didn't know what I want. I was hormonal to say the least. Thinking I was probably stressed from our review, B suggested I take a break. Sometimes I think he knows me better than I know myself. And since a vacation somewhere isn't really an option right now (Read: It is just less than 2 months before our bar exams), a break meant meeting up with a close friend for some laughs and going home to my parents over the weekend to spend time with family. I didn't realize I missed home that much until I was in my old bedroom, lying on my bed. It was a MUCH needed weekend break.

My weekend was spent fulfilling my sweet tooth cravings with a friend, eating my Mom's good old spaghetti recipe, forcing my sister to dye my hair into a darker shade (which I still have to get used to), and watching tennis with my Dad like what we used to do. I am lucky to have people whom I can call home.

Now that we're back to regular programming, there's no more excuse for me. Besides, I need to pick up from all the slacking I did last week. So wish me luck!

I am thankful for the weekend which has made me realize that being home is like having a good cup of hot coffee at the end of a tiring day. It's always nice to have that comfortable feeling at the end of the day.

Hope your weekend was as cozy as mine!

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