How to Wear Them Skater Skirts

Yesterday was a good mail day. The package I was expecting finally came in. :)

I ordered these Skater Skirts online. When I saw these skirts I knew I had to get them, especially when they're on sale. Who doesn't love a good deal right. I could just not let that chance pass without taking advantage of it, would you?:)  I got the black and the off white.

Since wearing jeans is not really happening for me this summer this sale is perfect timing. I love the skirts because they feel very comfortable to wear, made of thick cotton so it's light, and flirty and flowy and all things a girl would love on a skirt!:) Is it obvious that I am too excited to wear them? Haha. And guess what I did right after opening the package. Yes, of course I went to Pinterest (where else) for ideas on how to style it. And here are some of my favorites. 


I actually like the first look because it's decent enough to be worn in school. The second one is fun and I think I would wear it on a day out with friends. Now the third one I think is really cute and sexy. That's something I would want but I know B won't approve because according to him, it's too sexy. You see he does not tell me what to wear, but he DOES tell me what NOT to wear. LOL. If I would wear my skater skirts here's how I would wear them.

Skater Skirts
How would you style your skater skirts lovelies? I wanna know. :)


  1. I have never ordered clothes online, Im too scared they wont fit unless I try them on first!
    I would wear it with a cute tank or singlet tucked in :)

  2. This skirt must look awesome when you're gonna style it . I would prefer skirt over anything in summer :)
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  3. I love skater skirts!! I plan to own one in ever color before the Summer is over!!