Hi dear readers. Currently our country is in its worst state. Torrential rains have caused flooding in most parts of Metro Manila. It has been weeks already since I last saw Mr. Sun. Classes and work have been suspended due to the non stop rains. This was not the first time the country experienced something like this. Many see it as a deja vu of what happened when Typhoon Ondoy hit the country a few years back. And that's the scary part. A lot of people lost their homes and loved ones then. No, we do not want a repetition of what happened that year.

From where a friend of mine is.
Traffic was already crazy last night. Some of my friends were stuck on the road and in their offices last night and some have flood waters into their homes already. Luckily, we are safe here at my place. Rescue operations have been on going and several agencies are now accepting donations for those in in need.

If it isn't too much may ask a little portion of your precious time for you to say a little prayer for the Philippines. We pray that the rains and the flooding would stop.

Oh and here are some important numbers just in case you know of someone who needs them.

Thanks a bunch!


  1. Yes. I just watched the news and there are other worse scenarios than that. Let's start a prayer brigade and let God intervene.

  2. Hope is all well on your part. Praying for everyone.

  3. My heart goes to all the victims of the monsoon flood. Best, Jenny

  4. Lets all hope for the best.

  5. Kayang kaya ng Pinoy yan. :)