Daddy's Day

Today is Father's Day so we gave Daddy a treat. We drove to Tagaytay, passed by the Pink Sisters Convent and wrote our wishes and then heard mass. After mass, we headed to this restaurant called Taaleña which is famous for their Crispy Tawilis and Batangas Bulalo. Oh the food was reeeaally good. Plus, there's the view too. Nothing beats spending time with your family over good food and a perfect view.

The weather was perfect as well, of course, it's Tagaytay. I loved the cool breeze blowing while we were having lunch. I wouldn't get that in  Manila. I'm glad I was able to spend a weekend with my family before I get busy with school again. I think I'll  miss them when I move out.
I love this shot of me and my brother.

Top: Greenhills
Skater Skirt: Bubbles
Shoes: Robinson's
Purse: DKNY


Happy Daddy's Day, Dad! You're the coolest. We love you.

They requested for this shot before we left the place. I know, my parents are cool. ;) Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there.

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