Why I Love Weekends at Home

So far the weekend has been good to me. Last night I started watching a new series called Da Vinci's Demons while B and I exchange those silly kind of messages. You know, those kind of messages that you send to that person you terribly miss. ;)

Today has been a quiet and steady kind of day, which is good. I woke up and cooked breakfast, cleaned my room and finished my laundry in the morning. And now I have plenty of time in my hands. I planned to study after I had lunch but ended up browsing your lovely blogs, don't blame me, blog hopping is just so addicting. :) After that I decided to try this recipe I found on Pinterest. While sipping this blended coffee I texted B out of the blue (because that's what we do when someone suddenly realizes or thought about something) saying that I realized I wanted to do a lot of things. Blame that on Pinterest.

And now, as I am typing this very random blog post, I am currently waiting for my mom to finish cooking her  spaghetti (it's her specialty). It smells so good from where I am and it's making me hungry. That's why mothers are the best. On that note, Happy Mother's Day, Mommy!:) Okay promise I'll try my bestest to study after the spaghetti. ;)

Life is good, isn't it?


  1. Mmmmm spaghetti is my favourite especially with a side of home made garlic bread :) Glad your enjoying your weekend x

  2. Haha, looks like we had the same problem with studying... Blogger is just so much more fun! :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Following back!