The Women in My Life

To my mommy, thank you for everything I am and I have. Without you I am and I will have nothing, it may be cliche but it's true. We may not agree about everything and you may not see me often but always remember that I love you to bits and pieces.

To my lola, you (and Tatay) took care of me when I was a baby because my parents had to work. I grew up being spoiled by you and Tatay being your first born grandchild. I could still remember you swinging me in your dress and then you would braid my hair afterwards and Tatay always had something for me when he arrives from work. Now even though you're living in Anaheim (it's my cousins turn to be taken care of. LOL) and Tatay is up in heaven I will forever remember those memories because they are fondest memories I have of my childhood. Thank you, Inay for being the best grandmother one could ask. I love you both, Mommy and Inay. Happy Mother's Day! :)

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  1. Aww , it's so lovely :)
    Happy mother's day girl :)
    Noor @ Noor's Place