Roadtrip Weekend

Hello loves. I'm back today for some weekend shenanigans. This weekend I got to do one of the things I love. Traveling. I am always thankful for every chance I get to travel and be somewhere else. And this is another reason why summer is my favorite time of the year.

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Spent Friday with the family in Batangas for my cousin's debut.
Sneaking out some alcohol. LOL
Dropped by school Saturday morning to submit a reaction paper for my summer class. Then spent some time with friends and this cute little puppy before heading north.
Say hello to Cinnamon. He's a shih tzu- poodle mix.
And then after lunch, I was again on a 6- hour trip to San Carlos. It was a trip I never expected would come sooner. Of course I always wanted to come back there, but I never thought it would be one week apart from the last time I was there. Yes, I just took that trip last week, remember? Well, it was hard for me to say no when B asked me to be there. And my heart just melted when upon seeing me after that long ride all he could say was, "You're beautiful." :)) I think my heart just skipped a beat that time and in my mind I was doing cartwheels. ;)

It was their town fiesta and I had fun watching his dad dance the night away. You see guys, that's how we do fiesta in the Philippines. :) And when I woke up Sunday morning, he had this little surprise for me. 

I have been bugging him for green mangoes for weeks already so I guess that's why he gave me this really big one. He never fails to make me smile, really. :)

How did you spend your weekend lovelies?


  1. Philippines!!!! <3 I haven't been in such a long time. When my mom goes I love watching her videos from fiesta! When work slows down I want to make a trip with her.

    I love catching other Filipinas in the blogging world. :) Found you through Sami's. Adding you, feel free to add me back. :)

  2. Amazing post !

  3. It looks like you have been having a great time right now!

    Sparkles and Shoes