Bittersweet Weekend

Last weekend was supposed to be fun because it marks the start of our Christmas break, meaning no school to worry for the next three weeks or so. The normal reaction  should be "Wooot!! School's out, time to party!!" right? NOT. I said that would be the normal reaction. But if you're a little less normal like me, your reaction would be, "Oh no, three weeks of wondering what to do, where to go, of debating whether to catch up on my backlog readings or not (though I know I should), and of course, three weeks miles apart from my awesome guy.

Okay so the weekend.

I swear this was me last Friday!
And this too. LOL

Friday was our school Christmas party. But guess what? We decided not to go. Who on their sane minds would miss an event like that? I'd say B and I. Yes we're just weird like that. :) So I just stayed at home, spent some time with my Dad watching basketball and edited my blog. Notice the changes? Hope you liked it.;)

Saturday, I was about to go shopping with Mommy but had to cancel the last minute. Last minute, like we were already inside the car and I had to get down. LOL. It's cause I suddenly realized that it is B's last weekend here in Manila before he goes home to the province to spend the holidays with his family. So yeah, I begged off the shopping trip and decided to just spend the day with him. And I know I made the right choice. ;)

December 2010

It was also the start of the traditional Simbang Gabi or Misa de Gallo, a nine- day novena mass usually held at dawn. It is believed that once you complete the 9- day mass, whatever you wished for will be granted. ;) I decided to attend the anticipated mass Saturday evening because I am not really a fan of waking up so early in the morning, much more at dawn.

How we spent Sunday.
Sunday was B's last day. *sniff* Just thinking about it makes me really sad. I woke him up in the morning, but he refused to get up. And because it's Sunday, I gave in. Haha. So Sunday was basically just a stay- in- bed day. Thank God for NBA TV. :)

And before we knew it, it was already afternoon and we have to move because both of us we're starving. We walked, like we always do, to where ever we decided to eat, bought our daily fix of buko juice, went home to clean the house and started to pack his things. After I made sure he's okay, I had to ask him if I could leave the house first before his friend arrives to pick him up. *sob* I just cannot stand the sight of him leaving, that's why. I can still remember how much of a cry baby I was last summer when it was time for us to leave his place. My friends can attest to that. ;) About an hour after I got home, he texted me that they are about to leave.

So there, that's how my bittersweet weekend went. How was yours? Oh by the way, this is my first time to link up with Sami for the weekend update. If you want to share something about your weekend, just click on the picture below, okay? Okay! ;)


  1. A nice relaxing weekend is often the best! Sorry B had to leave :(

    Thanks for linking up :)

  2. My weekend was just blah...I didn't really do anything or go anywhere! UGH!

  3. Oh Kababayan! hehe. Thanks K for visiting my blog and I appreciate for leaving a comment. You have a very interesting blog. This post remind me of pinas. I miss the simbang gabi. I haven't done it for quite a long time. see you K.

    1. Oh wow it's nice to see a Filipino around here. Kumusta Judy?:) Thank you for following! See you around here! :)