Love and in Between

Hi loves. The Christmas rush have been crazy and I have been engulfed by it so this will be a quick post. I would just like to share with everyone that Laws of Life and Love is no more. Yes, you heard that right because I've decided to change my blog's domain. From now on, this blog would be known as Love and in Between. I think it would be more appropriate since I figured that neither in life nor love there are really no laws or rules to be followed. And with all that have been happening lately, I've come to believe that love will make it all better. ;) And besides, this blog is indeed about all things I love and all those in between-- whatever those are. LOL. Oh and yeah, if they say tomorrow will be the end of the world then let's share the love! ;) I hope you all will still be following. Thank you!!! :))


  1. I like it, great blog title :) glad things have been going your way!

  2. Whew, we're all still here! :)

  3. Lovin the blog title! :)
    Following your blog now. Hoping you'll follow mine too :)
    Btw, I'll be having a huge birthday giveaway next month. Hoping for your participation :)

    Merry Christmas! :)