Let's Pause a While


Someone tell me where did the whole week go? I cannot believe it is Friday once more, but my Google Reader says otherwise because I can already see you guys writing your letters. And I just got an email from Jean of What Jean Likes which also reminds me that it's time to say aloha to some blogger friends. 

Now let's do this.
Dear Friday, I'm sorry but unlike most people, I am not really thrilled that you are here already. It's just that I was having too much fun this week and I just don't want it to end yet. And you coming also means that it's the start of our Christmas break, which also translates to another three weeks miles apart from my guy.

My phone is so Christmas-y :)

Dear Time, couldn't you slow down a bit? Why do you always seem to be dragging yourself towards the next day? So eager to get to Christmas I guess. Well, as you can see Christmas is in full swing in my phone, I'm hoping it would get my Christmas spirit on.

Dear Athletic Genes, so you were put to test this week huh? How was does it feel to be playing volleyball again? Did you miss it? Cos I did. :)

Game night with Daddy on a lazy Friday

Dear Lazy Hormones, why are you acting up on me again? I was too lazy (again) that I had B sign my name for me in school today while I watch basketball with my other guy at home. LOL. Well I'm considering B's opinion that maybe it's because I'm on vacation mode already (he's just too supportive I know). Okay lazy hormones you're forgiven this time, but don't be a diva for too long okay? We've got lots to do over the break. K? K! :) 

Dear B, you were amazing this week. Though you didn't get the championship you are still my MVP. ;) We'll get them next year. :)

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Happy Weekend! :)

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