The Court is in Session

Hey friends, still here! :)  Sorry for being MIA lately. Our internet connection had not been very cooperative for the last week but we finally got our connection running smoothly *fingers crossed* once more.

So how's life treating you lately? This week, I was quite busy roaming around the halls of justice observing actual court proceedings!  It was a very different experience. Real life detainees, real life judges, real life witnesses, actual pieces of evidence, actual lawyers in action, actual court room... Everything was just so real. I always see trials going on in the movies, but it is really different when you witness it happening in real life.

With Judge Vibandor of RTC Las Piñas Branch 199
Branch 199 is a Family Court. And Judge Vibandor is a perfect fit for it as he seems a very caring father. He gave us a tour of his sala and even offered to take our pictures. Thank you Judge, we'll surely come back! :)

Overall, the experience was a bit tiring, quite fun, and very educational. It was like seeing my future before me. Although I've always been wanting to be a corporate lawyer, who knows I might as well be litigating. ;)

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