Little Things

There are times when what you appreciate the most are the little things in life. Sometimes it's those little things that make a big impact.

Little things like serenity... At this moment I am currently enjoying and savoring a quiet Saturday night in the comfort of my room. Yes, I am home on a Saturday night. Most people may think of it as boring. I say it's not. I just chose to be here right now and bathe in the silence this night brings. I'm lucky enough to have this kind of night, not everyone gets this kind of opportunity. We all need to pause once in a while from our busy lives, right?;)

There are really little things make your heart melt and make you say, "Awww :)" More often than not these things come unrecognizable, but when you do become aware of them you will realize how lucky you are to be having or experiencing these kind of things. You can't help but thank life for being so good.

It's simple things like these...
The calmness of the night.

You just gotta love it, don't you?

Donut! :)
Not exactly the donut I was craving for, but it was his effort to look for one that made it special. ;)

Spending your birthday with that someone special. ;)

PIZZA again!
Having pizza and pasta on your birthday.

Pink! Haha
A pink mouse and pink nails.

There's still a lot more. Like not being late in your 8:30am class despite waking up at 7am. And not being called in today's recitation. And getting to relax tonight and watch a movie in the comfort of my bed. And getting a text message from him asking how your day was. Then talking over the phone for unlimited hours once more. Why? Just cause we want to. ;)

So what are the simple things that made you smile today?;)


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