[UPDATED]To- do List Before School Starts

So summer is officially over. The first typhoon of the year entered the Philippine Area of Responsibility. And school starts next week. Time to say goodbye to the scorching heat, to those days of just lying around and doing nothing, to being everywhere anytime. The days of my freedom are slowly fleeting away. It's time to say hello back to reality for me. But before I throw myself into the battlefield once more, I made a list of the things I should FORCE myself to accomplish within the week.

1. Unpack. This task makes me really sad, I have been unpacking for 2 days already and I cannot pull myself to finish unpacking my luggage.

2. Update blog. I haven't been a good blogger lately. I wanted to share so much with you guys, just give me a little time. All I ask for is a little patience ;)

3. Post/print pictures of my recent summer. This summer had been so good to me and is one of my best summer ever.

4. Clean my room. This has become my yearly tradition before school kicks off. I always want to start my school year organize.

5. Organize my closet. Well, practically because I just pulled out and threw in everything in there over the summer.

6. Dye my hair. Just because I miss my brown hair. ;)

7. Paint my nails. And this, just because I want my nails looking good every time I see them when I write my notes. ;)

8. Help B clean the house. He's moving to a bigger room.

Seven days. Eight tasks. Wish me luck on this. ;)


  1. OooOOOooh, how did I get to be a Fab Person? =P
    Are those recent commenters?

  2. Thank you! We're half- done cleaning the boyfriend's room ;)

  3. Haha those are people I look up to when it comes to blogging. ;) I think you all have done a good job.

  4. Awww I'm so flattered, really and truly! Thank you so much, K, you're awesome! :)

  5. You're welcome and thank you too! Keep up the good work ;)