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Dream catchers are one of the most amazing things that fascinate me. They are of Native American origin and believed to trap bad dreams and let in only the good ones. It is usually hung above the bed so that one can have good dreams. But now dream catchers are not just found above the beds. They are now being used in decorating the house and some of them you can even see being used as earrings or necklaces. I guess people want their good dreams to be following them. :)

When I was in Baguio last summer I saw a lot of these dream catchers being sold. My sister told me that these dream catchers bring good luck. So I did not pass upon the chance and decided to get myself one. And ever since I hung that dream catcher at the door of my bedroom good things kept coming my way. :)  It also serves another purpose for me. I like staring at it being blown by the wind every time I am resting on my bed. It gives me that calming feeling after a stressed out day. ;)

Have you guys been lucky lately? ;)


  1. You have one excellent site,Your two words (l love) is the key for happiness,world peace , and success. Jalal Michael

  2. Thank you for the kind words. :)