Weekend in Baguio ♥

Every trip I make to Baguio is magical. The city never fails to amaze me and the experience is always one of the best. My cousin from the States is here for a vacation, so over the weekend, we decided to visit the City of Pines.

So as promised, here the pictures of my recent trip. ;)

Clear blue skies were replaced by dark heavy clouds on the way up the mountains.

Hello Baguio! ;)

Baguio traffic.
Botanical garden
You have to admire these women for the passion and patience they have.
We had taho on our first day. Perfect for the cold weather! ;)

They call this the Fertility Room. ;)

Of course we had to take a rest.

Baguio's lovely pine trees.#SaveBaguioPineTrees

My cousin trying on the isaw. ;)

 Hungry people patiently waiting for our turn at 50's Diner. ;)

Of course, when I'm in Baguio I wouldn't pass the chance to eat at this place. They serve the best ice cream milk shakes! ;)

Well, people, I am not a fan of strawberries. Hence, I was not with them on this trip. I was somewhere else, but I'll talk about that in another post. ;)

L-R: Me at the attic. Boy's room. See how messy it is?? Haha. Breakfast on our last day. The room in the attic.

Noooo! I don't wanna go just yet.

It was foggy going down.

We passed by  this on the road, somewhere around Tarlac I think. Good thing no one was hurt. 

That was one great weekend for me. I am surely missing Baguio and its cold weather right now and I will surely come back. Thank  you Baguio for the wonderful experiences you always give me.

And as B said the last time we were in Baguio:"It's not bye, it's see you soon."

So Baguio, I'll see you again. Soon. ;)

How was everybody's weekend? Let me know. ;)


  1. thanks for following. nice pics of my place. hehe

  2. Thank you! :) I always love Baguio.

  3. inform me when you're coming back here. I can tour you around for free. you might not have seen the hidden places here yet. hehe

  4. Sure! :) im sure there's a lot more to see in Baguio. Salamat! ;)

  5. Thanks following K.
    Baguio is beautiful indeed. I love the photo of raindrops in the window.

  6. Thank you. :) I really love it there! ;)

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