A Perfect Quiet Weekend

Sometimes all you need is some quiet "alone" time at home, good food, a bunch of good movies, and a whole lot of hugs for your weekend to be perfect. I know I do. ;) Yes, that's my perfect weekend. And I am just so lucky to be spending it with a guy who thinks the same. His friend called him and wanted to grab some drinks with him but he passed up on it and decided we go to the grocery instead to see what we can have for dinner. Oh sweetie that made me real happy. :)

So, over the weekend, B and I detained ourselves inside the house because we'd rather spend the time cooking dinner, making nachos (and eating it while watching movies), washing the dishes, doing the laundry and ironing clothes. Haha yes, it may sound silly but I guess we're just silly that way. That's us and I love how we are. ;)

And guess who's doing the cooking now? Yup, that's right, I can now say I'm domesticated. I think I'm beginning to LOVE that word, I just love saying it, domesticated. LOL. I don't know how B tricked seduced got me into it but I suddenly found myself in the kitchen actually cooking, I guess he really has his ways.

And I think two menus in one week isn't bad for a starter right? Thank God for the internet, learning becomes so easy these days. Haha. Both of these were his specific requests, that one on the left is Chicken Afritada and the other one is Bulalo (Beef Shank Soup). I'd say not bad for a first- timer. I'm proud of myself. ;)

And what I LOVE about weekends like these is waking up to a peaceful, sunny Sunday morning with a perfect view and an awesome guy beside me. Our conversation Sunday morning went like this:

Me: B, wake up it's 9am already. Do you want breakfast?
Him: Waaaah, Sunday na agad di pa ko nakakatulog! (Translation: It's Sunday already, I haven't even slept yet!)

Yeah, those are the kind of talks we have. And we ended up having breakfast at 10 after I threatened to drag him out of bed. LOL. And the rest of our weekend was peaceful. He is into Adam Sandler movies nowadays so we watched a bunch of them.

A perfect weekend deserves a perfect song. And I am just inlove with this song right now. I think it's my new favorite song.
Hoping everyone had a nice weekend as well. ;)

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