Working My Way Through Tagaytay

This week has been a very busy week. And there's more to come I should say. It has been a week full of friends, family, food and yesterday a road trip. ;) This year, summer here in the Philippines had temperatures ranging from 29C in the morning to 37C the whole day. It has really been one hell of a summer. So yesterday, we decided to hit the road and drove to Tagaytay City.

The trip was like a breath of fresh air as we got to cool down and spend some time away from the sun's scorching heat. It also gave me the chance to test my new toy. :) Here are a few shots from yesterday's trip.

Top- Aeropostale
Shorts- Bazaar
Owl necklace- my sister's
Belt- got stolen from a dear friend :)
Flipflops- Grendha
Bag- Charles and Keith

Thank you to my sister for this owl necklace :)

The Taal Lake. It was foggy though.

It was so refreshing to experience rain that day!

Their patties are made of mushroom! Yes, you heard that right mushrooms. Yummy! :)
Cultured mushrooms

Wishing well. 3 coins for 3 wishes ;)
I'm there. Look closely :)

Different shots of the sunset.

The sky at 6pm. My favorite shot of the day. #nofilter

I just love that all these photos do not require any filter. :) It's nature's pure beauty.

The weekend's almost here. Happy weekend guys, enjoy! ;)


  1. Hello K,

    I am glad you had a great time in Tagaytay..
    It must be really hot there now..
    Glad I am in the promise now.


  2. Yes it is really really hot. Been sweating non- stop! Haha. You're lucky to not be here right now. :) Thank you for dropping by Jenny. :)

  3. Your welcome Kay

    PS. I meant province not promise

  4. Lucky you to not experience this kind of heat. I envy you :) Enjoy every moment!

  5. yeah..It was hot too here but I was indoors most of the time..