Old and New

I just came home from a long overdue dinner with college friends (finally!). Been planning this since April but something always comes up. We  decided to go chinese for tonight so we ate at Wee Nam Kee, a new restaurant at the newly- opened wing of the Alabang Town Center. Their steamed chicken was the best. :)

It was a fun night with old friends, we had tons of laughter as we reminisce the good old days back in college and talked about our lives, frustrations, future plans, love or the lack thereof! Haha ;) So I went home really happy tonight. It's always fun to see those familiar faces once in a while.

But to my surprise my night isn't over yet... because here's what I have come home to

Look what just arrived today ;)

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Ta- daaa!! Kate Spade Cobble Hill Kori. Yay it's finally here!! ♥
I really really love that the bag is made of soft leather. Kate Spade is really ♥. This bag just made me excited to go back to school this June. ;)

Oh and yesterday after watching the Avengers, I walked around the mall and went home with these fab finds!

Black Bandage skirt
Isn't the ribbon buckle the cutest? :) And, I got it on sale :)
Oopsss, that's why I am trying to avoid the mall these days. Not good. Oh well, made me happy though. ;)

 So care to share what have made you smile lately? ;)

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