Lovin' the Donut Bun :)

I saw this hairstyle from my friend the other day and found it neat and sophisticated. I don't know if this would work on my hair since I have thin- fine hair strands but still thought I'd give it a try. This is a perfect hairstyle to keep your hair up this summer, making you feel comfortable as your hair won't be all over your face making you all sweaty and greasy in these hot days. It can be done using the materials you can easily find in your closet.

Oh, and another plus is that it only takes more or less than 5 minutes to come up with this great look. [Considering that fixing my hair takes a lot of my time when dressing up, this is perfect too when I'm rushing to school ;)]

I practically got all these stuff from my closet except for the sock, which I got from my Dad's :) Here's what you'll need to start off:

1 Hairbrush
2 Hair Spray (I think this is optional)
3 Ponytails
4 Bobby Pins
5 Socks

I searched online for instructions on how to do it and here's what I have come up to. My attempt on the Donut Bun.

*I have found a lot of good results online, but I've linked the one which I think is the easiest to do. Thank you to VanCityPretty for this helpful post* 

My first attempt :)

My not- so- perfect bun :)
Not bad for a first try, I think :)

I think my bun is still a bit messy but I am certainly loving the Donut Bun. Practice makes perfect right?:)

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