The "OC" in Me.

I admit, when it comes to my nails I'm a bit obsessive. I want my nails neat and clean all the time. I get easily distracted when my nail polish chips off, or when a nail gets broken. And mind you, I can stare at my nails for minutes just to see if they look good. ;)

Now, since I am ordered to have a bed rest after my tooth surgery, I've got lots of time to stare at my nails and so I've decided to paint it. Question is what color should be on it this time. I have always loved the reds and nude colors. But this time since it's summer I decided to put in some pretty pastel colors. Summer is all about colors right?:)

This one I got from Etude House.
I love the baby pink shade which also has some glittering effect. :)

This one I got stole from my friend. ;)
 I just love how it bursts with color.

So should I go pink or green/ turquoise (whatever)??
What do you think?:)

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