Some Good News and a Reward

Today I decided to face my fear. :) Before I leave for another road trip, I decided I'll go face what I have been delaying for days already. I was able to beat that self- imposed deadline! Mission accomplished. ;) I went to school to get my grades. I was really, really nervous. I passed by the chapel to pray and then again when I reached our building, I stopped by the prayer room to say another prayer.

Next thing I know I was again inside the prayer room talking to B, I told him "I passed! Naiiyak ako (Translation: I feel like crying)." Yes, I passed my subjects last semester, thank God!! I was so relieved. Prayers do really work.

And because of this I decided to reward myself today with this

My half- full glass of red iced tea and movie tickets too Battleship :)
And most importantly this

Found this fabulous wedges! :)
I think I deserve all these, plus the upcoming road trip. Don't you? Hey, it's a tough job to be in law school. Haha ;)

*On a side note, speaking of the road trip, I maybe away again from my blog over the next few days. But I promise to share about the trip when I got back.*

Packing again ;)

Have you guys received any good news as well? Sure hope you do. ;)

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