Spring. It is the season that means rebirth. New life. A season where colors are awaiting to burst after a long hiatus from winter. Although we do not have spring from where I am and I have never really experienced what it feels like to have spring, still for me spring is a symbol of a fresh start. The thought of spring gives me a feeling of hope, of another chance at life. To do things that I have always wanted to do, achieve whatever it is I dream of, and to awaken passions I previously have but have long been forgotten.

I think spring best describes what I am feeling right now. For the past years, I have been busy chasing after my dreams, and I am still working on it. But all those years I have been too occupied and my life had been so fast paced that I never had the time to pause and appreciate silence. Yes, silence is good. It gives you a clear mind to get a clearer view of things. And it took me a year in the corporate world, almost 4 years in law school, a couple of failed subjects, a failed relationship, one empty summer, and one hell of a heartbreak to find and appreciate that silence once more.

Too much time wasted? No, I don't think so. All those brought me here, right back to this moment of stillness. Now here I am, taking a break from it all, taking in as much silence as I could get before going back out into the world, trying out new adventures, doing the things that I missed and trying to awaken whatever passion is left inside of me. So I guess I have this summer break to thank for bringing spring into my life. Behind this summer's emptiness I know there is something in there that is in store for me, something that has long been there, just waiting to happen.

In fact, I thank this summer for letting me discover the beauty of writing once again and the delight I feel after I have expressed all that is inside of me. I think I wrote my last blog 4 years ago, and the calmness of this summer got me writing again.

So to Summer 2011 here's to you and me. For making me experience spring during summer!

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