Since yesterday it had been gloomy. It looks like the sky had been carrying a burden all day. Evening came and the sky could not anymore hold the heaviness it feels so it decided to pour out the waters all over the earth. What is unusual about all this is that it should not be raining, at least not yet while it is still summer. But I guess this is what makes nature and man the same.

Have you ever seen or have been around someone so sad? I’m sure you have. We have all been in that place at one moment in our lives. The reasons may have been different, but the feeling is all the same. It is as if there is something inside of you that will explode anytime. It is that feeling that even the funniest movie will make you cry instead, or wherein even your favorite food cannot cure. Maybe it is what the sky feels right now. Maybe the sky had been trying to keep this all to him all along and was trying to put up a brave face by being fair and shiny for the past few weeks. But now it has been too much to carry it all by himself that he cannot do anything but to let his tears flow. That even summer did not stop the sky from pouring out the waters.

In my case, true friends are all that I need to make me feel better. The company of good friends always helps. Friends who understand you and who will stick to you no matter what crap you throw at them. Friends who are just willing to listen and who do not even have to say something, but you know and will feel that they always have your back. Those who will just let you cry on their favorite shirt and who will try to make you smile although they know they cannot. I guess it is what the sky needs right now.

I was never fond of the rain. I never liked it when it rains. There is always a heavy feeling, a gloomy mood when it rains. But for today I will be a friend to the sky. Today I will just let the sky let go all that is inside of him. I will just sit here, listen and watch as the sky pours his heart out to the earth. And after the sky has showered us with his tears, I hope it would all get better. And then tomorrow will be a better day than today, a bright and shiny day.

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