To Beginnings and Endings

Months from my last post and life just gets busier. Just when I thought that I would be able to get hold of my time, life seems to have better plans for me. And yes, there's no complaining because I know all the hard work will soon payoff. All the missed movies, summer trips (yes, even that I had to sort of let go), weekends and time spent with the people I love to be around with. All these are just "little sacrifices" for what the future holds, all these for the Bar Exams and that precious four- letter ATTY. before my name.

Graduation Day. (April2014)
Yes, blog friends, I've finally graduated from law school. And this will be my last post with "law school" tagged in it. ;) But I know it doesn't end there. Law school may have ended on graduation day, but the real battle has just began. I have a lot to be thankful for because I know I couldn't have done this on my own. There's my family who has been very supportive from the very start, my bestfriend for being my foodtrip, study, and fashion buddy throughout law school and who was very excited and was the one who called me and told me about the good news, I am very grateful to each and everyone of you.

And of course, to my always and ever supportive boyfriend for always believing in me, pushing me to do my best in everything and for your unending patience and love. You know it means a lot to me knowing that you'll always have my back no matter what. Thank you for continuously being my inspiration and please know that I love you, no matter how moody I get sometimes. This is for both of us. ;)

Happy weekend ladies! 


  1. Congratulations what a sense of achievement that must be for you! Its those missed parties and trips and sacrifices you made to get you where you are heading, so it will be worth it in the end. You look gorgeous too, great outfit :)

  2. Wow congrats to you in completing law school! I love that lace dress you also have.. you look beautiful:)
    xo Olivia